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Structural Insulated (SIP) Panels



Our SIP panels are made of the highest quality EPS foam core laminated to two layers of plywood to provide exceptional strength and energy efficiency. These panels provide an excellent, cost-effective method to quickly and easily construct energy efficient structures that are low maintenance and durable. A great option for a variety of applications, these panels are:

  • Available with single or double plate recess design
  • Feature EPS cores of 3-1/2", 5-1/2", and 7-1/2" thicknesses in 1 & 2 lb densities
  • Customizable for window and vent openings
  • Offer a variety of exterior finishes, including Barn Board, Textured Aluminum, and others





The quality of our SIP Panels integrates structural integrity, energy efficiency,

and building simplicity, so you know you've done everything possible to ensure you've

built the best project possible.







Aluminum Battens come in various lengths, punched or unpunched.





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